This post is only about dice dreams free rolls and coin links. In this page, we will share the rolls and coin link of on Daily interval. Don’t forget to check out the whole tutorial related to Dice Dreams Boosters, Stickers, Kingdoms, Tournaments, Special Events and Peons, Cards and Crowns and how to use them.

Dice Dreams Free Rolls Links

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How can I redeem Free Rolls and Coins links in Dice Dreams?

To redeem free rolls in Dice Dreams, follow these simple steps: Ensure you have Dice Dreams installed on your Android or iOS device, then click the provided link on the same device. The link will automatically open the game and unlock your rewards.

Additional methods for acquiring Rolls, Coins and rewards in Dice Dreams.

  1. Daily Login Rewards
  2. In-Game Achievements
  3. Events and Promotions
  4. Referral Program
  5. Social Media Giveaways
  6. Watch Ads
  7. In-App Purchases
  8. Special Rewards

For the most recent details on how to get free rolls in Dice Dreams, keep in mind to check the game itself, official social media outlets, and the official community as the availability and procedures are subject to change over time.

Another important element in Dice Dreams.

Rolls in Dice Dreams

Rolls are the in-game currency in the dice-rolling gameplay mechanics of Dice Dreams. You advance in the game, get new dice, and engage in different activities thanks to your rolls. Here are some key points about rolls in Dice Dreams:

  1. Level Play: You normally need to spend a set amount of rolls each time you wish to play a level or roll the dice. Depending on the level or game style you are playing, the precise sum could change.
  2. Obtaining Rolls: How to Get Rolls in Dice Dreams There are numerous ways to get rolls in Dice Dreams:
    • Daily prizes
    • Leveling Up
    • In-App Purchases
  3. Roll Recharge: If your roll supply runs out, you might have to wait until the next recharge period. The recharge duration in Dice Dreams typically refills your rolls over time. You can keep playing once the countdown hits zero because your rolls will then be fully restored.
  4. Bonus Rolls: On occasion, Dice Dreams may run special promotions or events that include bonus rolls. Additional rolls may be offered as a result of these occurrences as a reward for particular game actions or accomplishments. To take advantage of these chances, keep an eye out for any announcements or special events related to the game.

Coins in Dice Dream

Coins are another significant in-game money in Dice Dreams and are employed in a variety of ways. The following details pertain to coins in Dice Dreams:

  1. Coin Use: In the game, coins have several uses. They may be utilized for
    • Upgrade your current dice to increase their power and unlock new dice with specific abilities. This requires coins. In addition, you might require coins to open up new dice with special qualities.
    • Change the visual appearance of your dice by adding unique patterns, colors, or themes using coins. This will help your dice stand out from the crowd.
    • Obtain power-ups: Coins can be used to buy some of the game’s boosters and power-ups. You can benefit from these power-ups by using their advantages or unique skills while playing.
  2. Getting Coins: In Dice Dreams, there are various ways to get coins:
    • Completing stages and objectives: You can earn coins by moving through the game’s levels, achieving particular goals, and finishing achievements.
    • Much like rolls, you frequently receive a set number of coins as part of the daily login prizes when you join in to the game every day.
    • Dice Dreams often includes in-app purchases that let you buy coins with real money if you want to fast accumulate a greater amount of coins.
    • Keep an eye out for special Dice Dreams events or promotions that may award bonus coins as a prize for taking part or succeeding in certain objectives.
  3. Coin Balance: The gaming interface often allows you to examine your current coin balance. You can do this to keep track of how many coins you have left over to spend and invest in better dice.

Boosters in Dice Dreams

Each booster type available in Dice Dreams has a distinctive impact. Typical boosters consist of:

  1. Dice Multiplier: By increasing the number of dice you roll in a single turn, this booster lets you earn more points and maybe activate strong dice powers.
  2. Score Multiplier: This booster increases the number of points you receive over a predetermined time period, enabling you to earn better grades and move up the leaderboards.
  3. Extra Time: By extending the amount of time you have to finish a level, this booster gives you more chances to roll the dice and earn points.
  4. Dice Power-up: This booster improves the capabilities of your dice by giving them a boost in strength or opening up special abilities that can get rid of barriers or produce additional points.

In Dice Dreams, you normally touch on the booster icon while playing or the specific booster button on the screen to activate a booster. The effects of the booster are only active for a short time after activation. To completely activate the benefits of some boosters, certain acts or circumstances may be necessary.

Usually, the game’s interface allows you to manage and monitor your available boosters. You can use this information to determine the kinds and quantities of boosters you have and when to utilize them wisely.

Stickers in Dice Dreams

Stickers are collectibles in Dice Dreams that you can use to tinker with and make more unique to your gaming experience. In Dice Dreams, stickers have the following characteristics:

  • Types of Stickers: The game Dice Dreams includes a range of stickers that you can collect and apply. These decals can be put on your dice or playing area and come in a variety of themes, designs, and artwork.
  • Dice customization: You can alter the look of your dice by applying stickers. You may give your dice a distinctive and personalized design by adding stickers. Stickers can be used to decorate your dice with designs, hues, photos, or even special effects that will make them stand out while you’re playing.
  • Sticker Gathering: Throughout the game, there are various ways to gather stickers. These could involve finishing levels, hitting milestones, taking part in activities, or discovering them as prizes. You’ll have the chance to grow your sticker collection as the game progresses.
  • Applying Stickers: In Dice Dreams, you typically need to enter the dice customisation panel in order to apply stickers. You can choose the dice you want to personalize from this menu, and then you can pick the stickers you want to use to adhere on the customized die. To give your dice a distinctive visual identity, try out various sticker combinations.
  • Unlocking Stickers: While certain stickers may be immediately ready for usage, others may call for particular activities or circumstances. You can boost your chances of discovering new stickers by continuing to play the game, finishing levels, and taking part in events.
  • Effects of Stickers: In Dice Dreams, stickers are largely decorative and don’t really change how the dice behave or how the game plays out. They give your dice and gaming setting some aesthetic flair and allow you to show your particular style.

Peons, Cards and Crowns in Dice Dreams

The phrases “Peons,” “Cards,” and “Crowns” are used in Dice Dreams to refer to particular game components. Here is an explanation of each phrase:


Characters in Dice Dreams who gather dice are known as peons. They stand in for the users or players of the game. Each player has a peon, which they can personalize with various looks and attire. The virtual versions of you in the game are peons.


Cards in the game Dice Dreams represent the various game dice. Every card shows a different kind of dice that you can unlock, gather, and improve. Cards frequently include information on the skills, power-ups, and unique features of the respective dice along with an image or piece of artwork of the accompanying die. To enhance their performance in the game, you can inspect your collection of cards, choose which dice to throw, and upgrade them.


In Dice Dreams, crowns serve as the premium currency. They can be used to buy unique dice, unlock premium features, or move the game along more quickly, among other things. Crowns are often purchased with real money through in-app purchases. Compared to the standard in-game currency, such coins or rolls, they are regarded as premium currency.