This post is only about Match Masters free boosters links. In this page, we will share the Free On Fire, Coins, Spins, Sticker, Booster and Perks link of on Daily interval. Don’t forget to check out the whole tutorial related to Match Masters free boosters,Ways to Play, Events, Stickers, Booster Shields and how to use them.

Match Masters Free Gift Links

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How can I redeem gift links in Match Masters?

  1. On the device where your Match Masters game is installed, click the gift link.
  2. Your Match Masters game will instantly start when you click the gift link, which will bring you to the game.
  3. Once in the game, a gift popup will appear.
  4. Tap on the “COLLECT” button to receive the free gifts in the game.

Please note that if the gift link has expired or if you have already collected a gift from it, the link will not work for you.

Here are alternative methods to obtain Match Masters free boosters.

  • Daily Rewards Links
  • Complete in-game achievements
  • Participate in special events and tournaments
  • Follow Match Masters on social media platforms
  • Complete levels
  • Connect with friends in the game and exchange gifts
  • Special Offers or Discounts
  • Lucky Spin wheel
  • Join a team
  • Complete album

List of different gifts you can receive from Match Masters daily gifts Links

  1. Boosters: Various types of boosters that provide special abilities or advantages in gameplay.
  2. Coins: In-game currency that can be used for purchasing items or unlocking features.
  3. Lives: Additional lives that allow you to continue playing without waiting for them to regenerate.
  4. Power-ups: Temporary abilities or enhancements that can help you overcome challenging levels.
  5. Exclusive Rewards: Special rewards available only through daily gifts, such as unique boosters or items.
  6. Extra Moves: Additional moves or turns that can be used in a level to help you complete it.
  7. Time Extension: Additional time added to the timer, giving you more opportunities to achieve high scores.
  8. Sticker: Stickers in the game are collectible items used to complete album pages. When users complete the album page, they receive free prizes.
  9. Perks: Match Masters perks alter board situations and there are 14 different ones in the game. You can obtain free perks through gift links.
  10. On Fire: Match Masters’ On Fire status doubles the trophies and coin rewards you earn upon winning a match, accelerating your game progress.

What is Match Masters Boosters?

During gaming, players can use Match Masters boosters, which are unique power-ups or improvements, to help them finish stages and get better scores. Boosters are intended to give players benefits and support them as they navigate tricky game scenarios.

In Match Masters, each booster has a distinct impact and can be used tactically to gain an advantage in the game.

Match Masters Boosters list

  1. Checkmate Charles: The moment this watery king is awakened, he will send his Knights to move across the board and take out several pieces.
  2. Firecracker: A free booster called the Firecracker will occasionally drop onto the board and cause a tiny explosion that will take out up to five pieces at once.
  3. Paint Bucket: Six randomly selected pieces on the board are painted with a random color by the free booster known as The Paint Bucket.
  4. Crazy Rocket: The Crazy Rocket booster causes a HUGe explosion on the board that destroys all of the pieces.
  5. The Slime: On the board, the slime exudes goo that contaminates every piece it touches.
  6. Mystery Hat: Your game gains some magic from the Mystery Hat, which also causes three unique pieces to appear on the board.
  7. Laser Beam: Eliminates an adjacent row AND a column of your choice from the board!
  8. Rubber Ducky: The Rubber Ducky is a free booster! Once activated, it swims along the targets on the board’s center row and eliminates the pieces!
  9. Foxy SE: spray and connect random colors
  10. Cleo Cadabra: Her mystical powers allow her to grab pieces from the board and transform them into marvelous magical Beetles.
  11. All Aboard SE :By matching them, you can capture these bandits, who will then drop their dynamite, which can explode up to six blue or red chunks and charge your energy.
  12. Monkey Joo Joo: Joo Joo first places 5 skulls on the board to start off his tremendous mojo! As they move around the board, they take away any piece they come into contact with.
  13. Billie Boom: Billie gets ready to unleash some bombs as her tiny robot helper removes a random color from the board. But that’s not all; while it’s your turn, Billie keeps dropping bombs following each action you take!
  14. Vinnie Valentine :This cupid-hamster is prepared to entice you! It makes note of its targets before launching his hearts onto the board. To clear the board of all the other pieces of the same color, match these vibrant hearts.
  15. Woolly Workout: Woolly will guide your pieces on the board while you exercise while he moves! Watch as every item changes to your preferred hue.
  16. Doctor Color: He’ll switch one color on the board for another. TWICE
  17. All Aboard: This booster runs its rails to the left or right of the pieces, picking up all the yellow pieces on the board.
  18. Butler Bot: The most intelligent robot will mechanically ‘fix’ spectacular matches for you by turning and twisting the board.
  19. Queen Cobra: Three columns on the board are copied by Queen Cobra, who makes replicas of them to place next to the originals.
  20. Foxy Roxy: on the board with some amazing long matches that I’ll spray paint.

What is Match Masters Perks

In Match Masters, perks are extra tools that provide players a tactical advantage. They can be acquired through activities, competitions, deals, and accomplishments. Shuffle and Hammer are complimentary, but you can purchase or earn up to two additional bonuses prior to a match. Perks are available for that particular match once chosen, even if they aren’t used. They make the game more exciting and give you an advantage over your rival. Here are list of common Perks.

  1. Checkerboard
  2. Remove Cross
  3. Energy Boost
  4. Mini Cleo
  5. Mini Cobra
  6. Perks – Explanation
  7. Mini Mastermind
  8. Mini Wand
  9. Teleport
  10. Create Lightnings
  11. Detonator
  12. Bomb Delivery
  13. Star Maker
  14. Shuffle
  15. Hammer

What is Match Masters Stickers

Stickers are a type of collectible in Match Masters that are used to finish up album pages. These stickers can be acquired in a variety of ways, including through playing games, beating certain challenges, taking part in activities, or getting them as gifts.

The album pages have blank spaces that must be filled with the appropriate stickers. Players advance toward finishing the page as they gather and add stickers to the album. Players receive bonuses or free rewards after finishing a page in full.

Sticker Trade:

  1. Simply tap the ‘Trade’ icon and then tap ‘New Trade’ to exchange stickers.
  2. Select the sticker you wish to send after that and hit “Create Trade Link.”
  3. You then have the choice of tapping “Share My Link” or copying the trade link and pasting it into a message to your trading partner.
  4. You may access the most common sharing options on your smartphone by tapping “Share My Link.”
  5. Your friend will have 30 minutes from the time you send the link to choose the sticker they’ll send in exchange. If you accept their offer, the trade is complete. So trading is both safe and easy!

Duplicate Stickers:

The good news is that your extra stickers do something useful! Any duplicate sticker you receive is converted into points in our duplicates bar, which you can then use to win great prizes.

The point value of each sticker tier varies; gold or diamond stickers are worth more than white or silver stickers.

A great prize will be given to you once you have earned enough points to fill the reward bar! duplicates Sticker can be traded in our official Facebook group.

There are lots of gamers giving stickers, so one of them might be the one you’re missing.

Missing Stickers:

Try to obtain the stickers that have the “Missing Sticker” tag on them in order to earn the missing stickers as soon as possible. You will always receive a missing sticker when you purchase these stickers.

Earning missing stickers is possible in a variety of ways. If you stick with it until the end, you can earn them through adventures, contests on our social media platforms, and events.

What is Match Masters Ways to Play

Match Masters can be played in a variety of ways, all of which are enjoyable. Here are list of common ways to play

  1. Multiple Daily Modes
  2. Play Mode
  3. Daily Mode
  4. Tournaments
  5. Game Modifiers
  6. Adventure Mode
  7. Star Race
  8. Score Smash
  9. Fire Starter

Match Masters Events

Match Masters hosts a number of events that offer players special difficulties, chances, and rewards. Here are list of common Match Masters Events.

  1. Booster Clash
  2. Entry Tickets
  3. Event Type – Booster Blast
  4. Event Type – Color Circus
  5. Event Type – Cookie Crunch
  6. Event Type – Digging Diamonds
  7. Event Type – Jurassic Run
  8. Event Type – Score Party
  9. Event Type – Seasonal Events
  10. Event Type – Top Masters
  11. Event Type – Treasure Temple
  12. Main Events
  13. Match Rumble
  14. Piggy Bank
  15. Private Events
  16. Solo – Cosmic Rush
  17. Solo – Mutation Lab
  18. Solo – Perfect Heist
  19. Solo – Score Rally
  20. Team Solo Event
  21. Win It Big
  22. Win it Big Friends Edition